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Payroll Quick Reference Guide

This document provides guidance on how to:

  • Access UNCGenie
  • Obtain your University ID
  • Obtain a UNCGenie PIN

UNCGenie allows employees to:

  • Enroll in Direct Deposit or maintenance Direct Deposit
  • View and Change W-4 (federal tax withholding)
  • View and Change NC-4 (NC state tax withholding)
  • View and change personal information
  • View employee data – paystubs, W-2 forms, benefits, leave, and job data
  • Enroll or cancel Electronic W-2

Federal and NC State Tax Forms

Upon hire, the federal withholding tax form(W-4) and the North Carolina state withholding tax form (NC-4) for all new employees are set to the default withholding status of Single” with “0” allowances in accordance with Federal and North Carolina state tax regulations.

Withholding Changes

You may make changes to your tax withholding, through UNCGenie, Self Service portal.

For assistance, use the Payroll Quick Reference Guide.

In accordance with the tax regulations, withholding adjustments cannot be made retroactive.

[Note: North Carolina State Taxes]
For North Carolina Withholding taxes, employees, who claim more than 10 withholding allowances or claim exemption from withholding, will have to submit an original paper form of the Form NC-4 or NC-4EZ.

To claim more than 10 withholding allowances, use Form NC-4 or Form NC-4EZ.

To claim EXEMPT from withholding, use Form NC-4EZ.

Mail form to Payroll Tax Office at:
   UNC Greensboro Payroll Office
   270 Mossman Building
   PO Box 26170
   Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
   or fax form to (336) 334-3131. DO NOT EMAIL TAX FORMS.

[Note: If for the current calendar year, an employee claims exemption from withholding for either federal tax or North Carolina state tax, the employee should understand that the exemption ends in February of the following year. If the employee desires to continue to claim exemption from withholding for either federal tax or North Carolina state tax for the next calendar year, new tax forms, Form W-4 or Form NC-4EZ must be received by the Payroll Office via US Mail or fax (see above) by February 10th of the next calendar year.]

Foreign National
If you are a Foreign National, please email to schedule an appointment for a tax residency assessment before you begin working at the University.

Direct Deposit Forms

As a condition of employment, all employees paid at UNC Greensboro must participate in the University Direct Deposit program. (Finance Policy 9).

New Employees
Once you receive your University ID #, please login to UNCGenie self-service to enroll in the direct deposit program.

Current or Returning Employees
Verify or update your direct deposit information, please login to UNCGenie self-service.

For assistance, use the Payroll Quick Reference Guide

Direct Deposit Cancellation

  • Submit (mail or fax) a paper Direct Deposit Cancellation Request Form to the Payroll Office to cancel your direct deposit.
  • Do not email the Direct Deposit Cancellation form.

W-2 Information Forms

Electronic W-2 via UNCGenie

The electronic online version of the W-2 does not include the instructions that appear on the back of a printed W-2.

  • Select “W-2 Notice to Employees.”
  • Select from the year to review.
  • Print the instructions for that particular year.